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Jury Can’t Agree In Scam Trial

Thomas MacMillan File PhotoAfter hearing 12 days of testimony and deliberating for over 12 hours, a 12-person jury returned four handwritten notes to Judge Alvin Thompson—but no verdict. That kept lawyers watching old SNL episodes, and reading the tea leaves.

Seeing Double: Conversations in a Gallery (1)

The work of Rebecca Salter – some of which is on exhibit through May 1 at the Yale University Art Gallery (“Rebecca Salter and Japan”) – is grounded in the natural world. So are the painted abstractions of local artist Emilia Dubicki, who also has the same gift as Salter for making a minimum of

Jones Won’t Run Again

Thomas MacMIllan File Photo.Citing a need to focus on finding a job, rookie Alderman Mike Jones, who has championed workers’ rights and civil rights, announced Thursday that he won’t be running for a second term.

Mo Digs Changes His Mind

Thomas MacMillan PhotoA reputed foot solider in the feared R2 street gang was prepared to plead guilty Thursday and head off to prison for dealing crack. Then he changed his mind—but not before he violated house arrest by visiting his mom to say goodbye.

Feds Bust Oxycodone Ring

“Joe Pugs” was arrested Thursday. So were “Trish” and “Frankie” and 10 others.

Cops Crack “Cold Case” Double Murder

New Haven police, working with the FBI, have arrested a man for allegedly shooting two people to death in 2000—the first “test” in an ambitious new joint effort to re-investigate 101 unsolved murders dating back to 1979.

Y-NHH, St. Ray’s Sign Letter Of Intent

Thomas MacMillan Photo (Updated 2:09 p.m.) New Haven’s two hospitals, long seen as competitors, have signed a letter of intent to pursue a deal in which they’d become one 12,000-employee, 1,477-bed entity.

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